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I’m back with another video, this time with two flips and two shots. I made this shot from a trampoline over 60 feet away from the hoop I was shooting on. The shot starts off with a ball in my hands and another in between my legs. I then back flip releasing the ball in my hands towards the hoop, then go immediately into a front flip while exchanging the ball from my legs to my hands, then wait to rotate around a bit and shoot the second shot at the hoop while still in my front flip. Each shot reaches the hoop at the exact same time colliding inside the net for a double swish.

To answer some questions you may have the shot is 100% real, it’s not fake. The first shot was supposed to bounce in so the balls go in simultaneously. And yes this shot took many attempts to get both to go in at the same time.

I hoped you enjoy and please share this video with anyone who would like it. If you are new to the channel subscribe for an extra video of this shot and more trick shots like these.

Song – Frag Out by Soundstabs

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Online 8 Ball Pool Hack

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