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Subnautica Cheats Testing (Console Commands)

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A 5 minutes video about Subnautica Console Commands or whatever you want to call them: cheats, hacks. We are also showing presentations for every command and everything you should know about it.

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Video advanced description:
ITEM NAME – Spawns objects like knives, tanks, salt and more
SPAWN NAME – Spawns forms of life and objects at the player’s crosshair
SUB CYCLOPS – Spawns the Cyclops in front of the player
NODAMAGE – Prevents any kind of player damage
NOCOST – Toggles unlimited use of Fabricator and Constructor whether the player has the required items or not
OXYGEN – Unlimited supply of oxygen
NIGHT – Set times to night
DAY – Set times to day
KILL – Kills the player respawning him inside of the escape pod
SPEED – Sets the game speed. Setting this to 2 will double the game speed
DAYNIGHTSPEED – Sets the day and night cycle. Setting this to 2 will double the day and night cycle
WARPME – Teleports you to submarine
TAKEDAMAGE – Hurts the player for a given amount of damage
SPAWN – It’s used as an unstuck, teleporting the player a tiny distance away
BUBBLES – Spawns several air bubbles around you
BIOME NAME – Teleports the player to a specific Biome. Type BIOME to see the list in game.
SPAWNLOOT – Gives the player some loot.
MADLOOT – Gives the player some loot.
SPAWN BOULDER – Spawns a giant boulder that breaks its way through the ocean floor.

Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds:
Link: http://adf.ly/1AENm1
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Online 8 Ball Pool Hack

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