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Online 8 Ball Pool Hack

…win everytime… unless your against ME ! 🙂

In this video / game, I show how to prevent your opponent from winning, (leaving them with no shot) and at the same time break out your own balls, (so that you may sink your own balls when they ALL are open), ending your own turn without scratching.

The ball you hit has to hit a wall also or you will scratch (your opponent will be able to move the cue ball anywhere), unless no one is designated stripes or solids yet, then you may hit a ball at any speed (no hitting a wall if you don’t want to), and it will be considered a valid move.

As soon as YOU are good enough to put a ball, and or the cue ball, anywhere you want on the board, you can use these rules against an opponent who isn’t capable.

I play pool like I would chess, every move is important. If you take out MOST of your balls without the win in sight, then your opponent will be more likely to be able to hit ALL of their balls in…

Play the Table ! Put one of your balls in front of the entrance to a pocket where one of your opponent’s balls are, IF your opponent sinks all they’re balls, you lose !

This is kinda advanced, but basically, if you are blocked, block them… if they are blocked, don’t unblock balls for them, you’re just helping them win… and MOST important, if both you and your opponent are blocked in seperate areas, don’t go shooting in your open balls randomly, you’ll need those later, instead, break up the balls that are blocking YOU and not the one’s blocking you OPPONENT.

Seems pretty simple right??? Just be aware of what angles your opponent’s balls can be sunk from, and try to arrange it so they won’t break up your blocks. Also, leave the cue ball where you want it to be, at a certain angle, deliberatley giving your opponent a shot which you’ve arranged to be most likely for them to not break up they’re balls and win.

If just ONE of your oppoent’s balls are blocked, try to arrange the board to get rid of your opponent’s OTHER balls.

Download link : http://8ballruler.wordpress.com/2012/03/19/how-to-download-and-use-8ballruler-v-1-1/#more-126
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Online 8 Ball Pool Hack

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