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Is this Guideline Tool safe for your 8 ball pool acc

Online 8 Ball Pool Hack

Hello Brothers and Sisters!
I am Arvind Raj.
This story is the real story of my account getting banned while recording this video. At that time I was really shaken up. This video stayed a long time on the same recording.

After several days I normalized myself and proceeded with my video to share some learnings, lessons and some positive messages with you.

After the account was banned, I sent a request e-mail to Miniclip to unban my account but they refused becoz they caught me using Unfair Means (a Third Party app – unlimited aim guideline tool).

For information about First party apps and Third party apps, you can get the information by clicking on the given link.

How MINICLIP Catch you using Hack or Cheat :-
Friends, during the installation of the game, any app asks you to do OK on certain conditions. If you do Agree, then that app will be installed on your device or else it will not install.
By accepting these conditions, you allow that gaming company to enter your device. When you use a third party app, then that company sneaks into your device on the basis of suspicion and checks your apps.

And thus the gaming company gets to know about your third party app usage. First They gives you a warning. If you ignore the warning, then it eventually bans your account.
I kindly request you not to use any hack or cheat to maintain goodwill of the game.
I request you to play any game in full spirit and play it honestly.
Win and lose are two aspects of any game, both must be accepted honestly.
Do not use any hack/cheat in any game.

In my concluding note , I want to tell you that if you like this video and you want to help me sincerely,
then make sure that you are subscribing my channel and
if you think that you can save the account of any honest player from getting banned, please share it as much as possible.

You may Dislike this video if you are Dishonest Hacker, Cunning Cheater or Big Supporter of Unfair Means in every field of your life.

Thank you.

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Online 8 Ball Pool Hack

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