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Idiots of NASCAR: Greatest Hits 2

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This greatest hits compilation features a new Harmless Shenanigan! Here are some clips from episodes 8 through 13, as well as special clips. Hope you enjoy! This is a bunch of random clips strung together, made with a heavily modded NASCAR sim called NR2003.

Are you confused what this is? These clips are from my video series, The Idiots of NASCAR. Inspired by a similar Garry’s Mod series, these films are created using the NASCAR simulator NASCAR Racing 2003 Season.

Check out my brother’s series, The Idiots of Skate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFh1l8FMyIA

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0:00 Harmless Shenanigans – Racing Line
1:11 I Can Break These Cuffs
1:32 Nyan Cat Car
1:52 Another happy landing
2:08 Harmless Shenanigans – Use The Force
2:24 NASCAR Pool
2:30 1985 Bowling
2:35 Zorro!
2:44 Going The Wrong Way
2:56 Code Red
3:10 Space Time Continuum
3:25 Singin’ In the Rain
3:39 Wrecking Ball
3:57 Slender – The Four Hundred Pages
4:17 Dale Jr. Leading
4:35 Harmless Shenanigans – Peekaboo!
4:58 Chick’s Pit Troubles
6:32 Darth Vader at Daytona
7:09 Harmless Shenanigans – Halloween Prank
8:00 For the First Time In Forever
8:41 Thomas The Tank Engine
8:59 Harmless Shenanigans – Gourmet Gum
9:35 Mater & Doreen
9:51 Harmless Shenanigans – Texting and Driving

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