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I have a secret in my armpit – trich vlogs Comedy

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I have a secret in my armpit - trich vlogs Comedy

I have a secret in my armpit – trich vlogs. Please thumbs up.

hi everyone guess what I’ve got a secret
well I just didn’t want you guys to
think that I’m too stanky
stank those two stanky stank so I
gonna put on my deodorant here
i’m going to put it on this side
putting on my deodorant
let’s see we see in my armpit do you see
my deodorant there
here let me do this and we’ll look in my
armpit do you see it there
you see my deodorant there ok I just
thought you’d like to look in my arm
pit because that seems like something
you guys might like to do is look in my
I know you like looking in my nose
my son used to do this and it was so funny
he would he pick up
I had a digital camera and this was like
back in i would say 1996 or something
like that and it it would only hold like
maybe 10 pictures of the most because
stuff wasn’t as good as it is now you
know now holds a lot and it was so funny
because he pick up the camera and he
just stuff it right in his nose and take
the picture and so I always knew when he
was taking pictures because he did that
he knew how to turn on i think he was
only like six of the time four to six
something like that he was really really
young but he just loved picking up my
camera and I just that I thought it was
so cute i have some of those pictures
still I’m glad they didn’t delete them
all but I knew who was playing with the
camera when he did that and the funny
thing is just the fact that he actually
took the initiative to turn the darn
thing on ya little stinker he’s going to
be 25 tomorrow
25 years old so that was a long time ago
but thank you guys for watching my
secret and i’ll see you the next time I
love you
peace love and avocados

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