8 Ball Pool Triches

Fun With Cheat Codes in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Online 8 Ball Pool Hack

Gecko OS FTW!!!

If you can’t tell, these are Action Replay-like codes. And no, I won’t tell you how to do this. Please don’t PM me….

-Stackable Mushrooms
-Free Camera
Maybe I’ll do a part two later with more codes…. (there’s a code to make Peach take her clothes off. :D)

First two minutes are boring… feel free to skip them….

Movie Maker (Vegas wasn’t working…) screwed up the music… 🙁

Also, Happy Hitler’s Birthd– I mean 420!! LOL.
(I spent the entire school day trying to trick someone into acting all happy about the date, then revealing that it was actually Hitler’s birthday… It didn’t work… 🙁 )


Well… I have nothing better to do while the video uploads, so lets write more in the description!
Have you all been to WiiFolder Forums? It’s dead now, but still fun to go through all the old posts….

I like to do math in my spare time…. Right now I’m learning Calculus on my own… with the help of YouTube! 😀

I also have some cheats for Super Paper Mario…. Truthfully, I love that game, although I do like TTYD MUCH better, just like anyone who has played all the Paper Mario games. I imagine I would like the original, but I just hate the graphics of the N64 (and PS1). They just look so… I don’t know….

I overuse ellipses… JohtoKen always told me that. Ellipses and exclamation points. At least these days I only use three dots in my ellipses instead of several hundred…. And to the people who say that using four dots it wrong, that is actually ellipsis followed by a period. YouTube jsut doesn’t show it correctly….

I sometime leave in typos just to annoy people. Like my old video: Hoe Are We Gonna Stop It. LOL.

The DSi is awesome…. 😀

It’s funny watching The Simpsons, where they treat Bart as the worst kid in the world, and then watching South Park, where Cartman (about the same age as Bart) gets pissed off at a kid, so he kills he parents, grinds them up into chille, and feeds it to him. And yes, I know they referenced that on Cartoon Wars Part II.

Grr… The video is only halfway done uploading… and then it still has to process. At least it’s not an HD video. They take forever to upload. I almost considered it, but the only this that would be HD would be the text, and who cares about that. As I said in the video, my capture card sucks. It obviously doesn’t support component cords, so 480i it is…. (LOL. Almost wrote 420i….)

I remember once an HD video (my Pi Day one) was uploading, which was taking several hours. It was almost done when…. Firefox ALMOST crashed. Fortunately for what is left of my sanity, it managed to upload. 😀

Well… I sure hope people are actually reading this. I spent a lot of time writing it…. Guess I should stop writing now.



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Video Rating: / 5

Online 8 Ball Pool Hack

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