8 Ball Pool Hack

Find Facebook ID of 8 Ball Pool player

Online 8 Ball Pool Hack

As depicted in the video, if the person’s facebook id is connected with 8 ball (profile picture usually shows that), then:

1. Note down their unique ID
2. Open their Miniclip page by this link and put unique ID there: www.miniclip.com/user/uniqueIDHERE/en/

Now we have opened Miniclip ID. We will find Facebook attached to it by:

3. Right click in the nearby area and click on View Page Source (Works for both Firefox and Google Chrome)
4. Ctrl + f and search facebook and keep pressing enter, until you reach a link like this.
5. Crop the link to get yours. facebook.com/10203764283615448 is the ID of the player.

Note: For this procedure, you must have your Miniclip account logged in. (At least for Google Chrome)

Can’t get it to work? Just post the Unique ID below and if it is possible, I will find it for you.

Online 8 Ball Pool Hack

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