8 Ball Pool Hack

8 Ball Pool Hack Coins 2016 [Unlimited] 04-02-2016

Online 8 Ball Pool Hack

Hello guys!! This is Shani with a new trick on 8 ball pool game which i came across by mistake after playing the game for a long time. I don’t lie like others who trick you by creating fake videos. Please LIKE and SHARE if you find the video useful!

Here is the STEP BY STEP procedure for getting free coins on 8 ball pool watch the video for evidence of the trick :

STEP 1 : Open 8 ball pool on PC with ur facebook or miniclip ID.
STEP 2 : Try opening the same acc. with an android or ios device.
STEP 3 : You will be disconnected in your PC saying a message. Don’t click OK.
STEP 4 : Collect the Jean B. free coins in your mobile and then click OK on PC.
STEP 5 : Soon you will be disconnected in your mobile. Click Close and Login again on your mobile.
STEP 6 : The Jean B. free COINS appears again!! Collect it and repeat the above steps again and again until you get enough coins!

After getting the trick done, REFRESH your PC browser to get the coins updated on your PC.

Thats all have fun tricking the 8 ball community !!

Online 8 Ball Pool Hack

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