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8 Ball Pool Guideline Hack v3.1.7 (15/06/2015)

Online 8 Ball Pool Hack

8 Ball Pool Guideline Hack v3.1.7 (15/06/2015)

Hello everyone, here’s the latest guideline hack for the 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer. This extended line hack will help you make accurate shots while playing the game. Please follow all the detailed instructions given below.


The game is updated periodically by the Miniclip team. You’ll have to download the updated game hack (the modified .swf file below) for this to work.

Last update: 15th June, 2015


Mod game:http://goto.pctricksworld1.com/2t

NOTE: Close any previous instance of the 8 Ball Pool you’re running before following this!

1) Download and install Fiddler.

2) Clear cache of your browser.
For Chrome, go to Settings and clear browsing data.
For Firefox, go to Tools – Options – Advanced Tab. Click “Clear Now” to clear the cached web content.
3) Run Fiddler and go to the AutoResponder tab. Check “Enable automatic responses” and “Unmatched requests passthrough”. Now click “Add Rule” and set the value of “If request matches…” to

“EXACT:http://static.miniclipcdn.com/games/8-ball-pool-multiplayer/en/game_v3.1.7DBajg2.swf” (without quotes)

and the value of “then respond with…” to your downloaded .swf file path on your computer.

4) Click “Save.”

5) That’s it! Just open your browser and navigate to the game URL, and you should see the line hack in action! 😉

Don’t forget to close Fiddler once your game has finished loading.

Tips to NOT get banned

Clear your browser cache (via CCleaner, etc.)
Close fiddler once the game has loaded completely.
Once the game has loaded, just play a game as a guest first to make sure everything is working. Later, login to your account.
Also, use different accounts instead of using your real account everytime!
NOTE: If you’re going to win EVERY single game and win millions, the Miniclip team IS going to get mad at you!

I hope you have fun with this line hack. Feel free to share this with your friends, and don’t forget to come back for even more updates and hacks!
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Online 8 Ball Pool Hack

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