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8 Ball Pool CHEAT – Scratch and Win Cheat! | SUPER FAST & EASY | Never Lose Again!

Online 8 Ball Pool Hack

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In this simple video – I will show you a super easy way to get multiple FREE scratch and win minigames in 8 Ball Pool. This method is completely legit. No jailbroken or rooted devices are needed. Just sit back and enjoy this super fast and easy cheat that you can use to enhance your 8 ball pool experience!

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Hello and welcome to another episode of TheNewAdamb99 and in this episode I am going to be showing you a quick cheat on Scratch and Win mini game in 8 ball pool. You don’t want to miss it so stay tune. I’m only after realizing, I have my glasses on. It’s a lovely day here in Derry. I’ll just put them on. Can you see my reflection? See how nice of a day it is? I’ll actually show you. OK. Just look at that day – it is amazing. So basically in this quick cheat, I’ll just head over to my phone so let’s go. So all that you want to do is go into your minigames and go to Scratch and Win and now what you want to do here is scratch from the bottom. Now you want to scratch from the bottom cause it doesn’t give away the price and you’re looking for these sort of ones that have the coin leaning over to the side of the big pile/stack of coins. So as you can see there’s three. I am just going to open it up. There’s 50K, there’s 5K, there’s 10K. These are sort of like the big prizes and there’s the chest and then there is none here. So what you want to do then if you noticed that there isn’t three matching big piles with a coin leaning in the side against of it, just x out of it and you still have all your scratch and wins. Do you want the red pill or the blue pill? So as you can see, very easy technique and so simple everybody can do it. So if you liked that video – like it! If you really liked this video, share it on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, anything that you have and show your friends this quick and easy cheat that you can use in 8 ball pool. Finally if you have any questions just comment below and any video ideas and press the big red button down below that is the subscription button – subscribe to me if you like me and my videos and I would really appreciate it if you did so, that’s it from me and I’ll see you tomorrow with my Q&A – goodbye!
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Online 8 Ball Pool Hack

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